Chairman Desk

It is with profound feeling of honor, humility, privilege, and joy that I stand before you today. On this day of celebration I experience a deep and compelling sense of commitment, obligation and stewardship. The mission of our college will be to enable and empower all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills and the values that they will need to become responsible and successful members in the competitive global economy. Imaging thousand of such empowered people in Ranchi. Imagine a Ranchi wherein our youth are communion with a shared sense of dignity, dreams, purpose and vision: a Ranchi that can be created, confident, and driven by strong Adventist values. METAS of Seventh-Day Adventists will not rest until the last young child here is educated, enabled and empowered. The college will offer programs of worth and quality. They are designed to give the student the skill, insight and experience essential to meet the growing professional need of the rapidly expanding and changing world and I look forward to welcoming your children into the institution.

METAS Adventist College is committed to educate a new generation of leaders for a new Ranchi men and women who will be capable of reshaping and reconstructing Ranchi with vision, integrity and competence. METAS Adventist College purports to being a beacon of hope and light for all. Let us dream of a Ranchi every person living here will proud; where every single person can make a difference. Let us imaging that our children and grandchildren wake up in such a land as ours. Such a dream is indeed worth living. I invite you to join us, as a prospective student, parent, or simply as friend.

Dr. M.S. Jeremiah
President & C.E.O.